• Call of Duty singleplayer & coop maps full scripted

  • Different maps for different engines and games

  • Call of Duty multiplayer maps with all game modes

  • 3D game ready & textured models

  • 2D HUDS, GUIS, textures and more...

  • Photorealistic renders

Fast but balanced works

5 Years of experience creating maps, mods, 3D & 2D, apps and websites. Help to create new content and give good details to the works with the faster form.

Objetive: Make new contents and innovate in this.

Clean and innovative work

Innovative works when create any new content, with different details to other works, making the product different and new against others. Adding details in levels and the work proccess to make any content make the final result.

From design to programming

Experience with multiple programs and engines.
From Visual Studio & Notepad++ for programming to Photoshop, Gimp & Blender for create 2D & 3D art. Experiencie with multiple game engines like UDK, Unity, Cryengine, ID Tech 3 & 4, Source, IW Engine and others, from scripting to the level editors.

About Me

My name is David "Hgdavidy" Palacios and I am a Level Designer, Programmer, 2D & 3D Artist from Spain.

I stated in the games world creating mods and maps for Call of Duty franchise in 2008. At the end of 2008 i started to create apps in Visual Studio and learn the Photoshop, Gimp, Google Sketchup, the basics of game creation, VB, Html and more content. Now 5 years later i created lots of Apps, Websites, 2D & 3D models, maps and mods.



David Palacios - A.K.A. "Hgdavidy"

Have any questions or problems?
Send me a email or add to any app from below.


Email: hgdavidy.hgy@gmail.com

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